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Category Archives: Rants

Is Love really worth it? In the last year Love has done nothing to convince me it is. Just yesterday I had 2, not 1, 2 friends get there hearts ripped from their chests and handed to them. Why do we do this to ourselves? Why do we intentionally seek out situations that will literally kick us in the emotional balls? I’ll tell you why. Because some jackass decided that there were Soul-mates. Yes I said it! I do not believe in the concept of soul-mates! The concept of a soulmate is utter shit! Am I really supposes to believe that there is only one person out there that I can truly be happy with? And if so I have no way of finding this person other that just possibly running into them one day? Um seriously? That’s stupid! But it’s this absurd concept that keeps people coming back time and time again! Ugh and I’m not saying I haven’t done this myself and I kick myself every day! Makes me want to punch Cupid in the face!


So it’s been some time sense I have posted but mainly I just couldn’t think of anything to post lol

So recently my evil side has emerged to cause havoc. I have a former friend who i am in a sort of cold war with and I can’t help checking in on her from time to time to see how she has progressed. Knowing her she does the same thing to me I’m sure.

One thing I felt I should comment on is the equation the fight between Jill and Betheany on RHONY. All I have to say is um I’m Betheany your Jill. And it’s possible that your Kelly as well!

So I was told something tonight. Could be true could be false. The sources are trustworthy but it’s still hearsay. I was informed tonight that a certain group of people will not watch Modern Family because they do not want to support a positive portrail of a Gay family. Considering the source it doesn’t suprise me not am I really that offended. What offends me more is that this same group of people watch The Office. Now please understand I am a huge fan of both shows but if you really look at The Office from this same point of view it’s worse than Modern Family. First you have a gay character, Oscar, as well as a drunk, Meredith, a theif, Creed, numerous characters have unmarried sex with each other including Jim and Pam having a baby out of wedlock, as well as 2 characters having extramarital affairs. So which show is trully worse by your standards, Sir? Is it Homophobia or Hypocrisy? Sounds like it’s both.

I hate manipulation. I hate when others are manipulated sure, but when you try to manipulate me, it infuriates me to no end. It never works. I know when someone is trying to manipulate me. It’s like i can smell it. If you have tried to manipulate me and your reading this then let me say 2 things. One if I did what you wanted me to do than guess what. 9 times out of 10 I knew what you were doing and didn’t care cause whatever it was that you wanted me to do was not that bad and I did it. If you tried and failed well than your just not that good at it and you should just stick to asking directly. Sure I have been manipulated in the past. Usually to do something I regret and have had to fix later. It makes me paranoid. So much so that now I can’t take anything at face value from 99% percent of people. Very few have my complete trust anymore. Guess I have been burned one to many times.