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So I was told something tonight. Could be true could be false. The sources are trustworthy but it’s still hearsay. I was informed tonight that a certain group of people will not watch Modern Family because they do not want to support a positive portrail of a Gay family. Considering the source it doesn’t suprise me not am I really that offended. What offends me more is that this same group of people watch The Office. Now please understand I am a huge fan of both shows but if you really look at The Office from this same point of view it’s worse than Modern Family. First you have a gay character, Oscar, as well as a drunk, Meredith, a theif, Creed, numerous characters have unmarried sex with each other including Jim and Pam having a baby out of wedlock, as well as 2 characters having extramarital affairs. So which show is trully worse by your standards, Sir? Is it Homophobia or Hypocrisy? Sounds like it’s both.


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