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Monthly Archives: May 2010

So I was told something tonight. Could be true could be false. The sources are trustworthy but it’s still hearsay. I was informed tonight that a certain group of people will not watch Modern Family because they do not want to support a positive portrail of a Gay family. Considering the source it doesn’t suprise me not am I really that offended. What offends me more is that this same group of people watch The Office. Now please understand I am a huge fan of both shows but if you really look at The Office from this same point of view it’s worse than Modern Family. First you have a gay character, Oscar, as well as a drunk, Meredith, a theif, Creed, numerous characters have unmarried sex with each other including Jim and Pam having a baby out of wedlock, as well as 2 characters having extramarital affairs. So which show is trully worse by your standards, Sir? Is it Homophobia or Hypocrisy? Sounds like it’s both.


So unfortunatly I lost my job again, but I’m not worried because I think this is a sign that I news to move back to Fresno. I have an odd sense of comfort about this that I cam only describe as the hand of God on my shoulder. It would have been raiser if I had my brothers faith. Man that kid amazes me I’m the level of faith he has. It blows my mind.

I know there are those who feel me going back to Fresno is not the best decision, but all I can say is I know deep down inside that I don’t belong here in Mariposa and I know that I am ment for somewhere else.

Well if anyone in Mariposa or Fresno heats of any kind of job opening please let me know. Well until next time

Ok so yes it’s been a while since I have posted but it’s difficult to get to an internet signal so sue me! So you’re getting 4 blog posts in one! ha!

First off I want to confront a rumor I heard about my self recently and make sure everyone is one the same page. Yes I am still Gay. I have not been cured because there is no cure because it is something biological. I’m not going to start some sort of debate here but that’s me opinion.

Second, I in no way want any kind of relationship with my Ex. At all. Not even a little one. Nothing. That ship has sailed and hopefully hit an iceberg.

Third, Iron Man 2 was the shit! I had very low expectations for it, (I mean honestly ScarJo as Black Widow?!?!?!?!?) but I will say I was pleasantly surprised. She did ok. And the rest if the cast…WOW amazing! I really want to see it again!

Lastly I’m getting my Iphone really soon! I’m super excited I can’t wait! You will have a blog post from me every day! yay!

hahahahahahahaha so that’s it not much else to tell