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So I have said that I didn’t like the show Glee, but in a recent moment of clarity that i have had this week I really decided to give it another chance so I DVR’d it last night. Wow. I really do like this show. I wish I would have watched it from the very beginning. Damn my bitterness. Yes I said bitterness. One of the hardest things I have had to deal with sense coming out is the fact that I really don’t have a place to sing anymore. With my life not being where the church believes it should be i don’t feel it would be prudent to ask to sing in church anymore. So that leaves very few places to truly belt out a good ballad. But I miss it. Alot. For a while the only time i was truly happy was the 3 to 4 min where i got to sing a song in front of a croud. I guess that’s just part of life


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